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Loss of Employment

The Pension Reform Act 2014 allows RSA holders who have lost their employment and are not able to secure another employment after four months can access up to 25% of their balance of their RSA. This loss must however be due to one of the following:

1.     Redundancy

2.     Termination of employment

3.     Voluntary disengagement

The following documents must be submitted to AIICO Pension to process the application for benefits:

1.     Letter of application for payment.

2.     Termination/disengagement letter

3.     Copy of last pay slip

4.     A copy of evidence of employment

5.     Means of identification:- any of the following:

                1.     National identification card.

                2.     Valid international passport.

                3.     Valid driver's license.

                4.     Permanent Voters Card

6.     Bank account details:

                1.     Name of bank.

                2.     Branch or location of bank.

                3.     NUBAN Account number.

                4.     Account name.

7.     Two passport photograph.

8.     Mobile line

9.     Permanent Residential address/contact details

10.  Evidence of Age (Birth certificate/Age declaration)

All documents received will be forwarded to the National Pension Commission for payment approval. AIICO Pension will only disburse into the bank details submitted upon approval by the Commission.

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