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WHAT IF YOU LIVE TOO LONG? 6th June 2019   On Tuesday, June 6, 1944, over 150,000 Allied troops comprising of soldiers from the United States of America, British Empire, Canada, Australia, Czechoslovakia, France, Norway and Poland landed on the coast of Normandy in northern France to take on the Nazi military in the largest seaborne invasion in history. This military operation codenamed Operation Overlord began the liberation of German-occupied France (and later Western Europe) from Nazi control and laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front during World War II.   The 75th anniversary of this operation was celebrated on June 4, 2019; the British government hosted the veterans to a boat cruise and an elaborate party in gratitude for t...read more
Dividend of Democracy 12th June 2019 Nigeria's return to democracy twenty years ago has been perceived with different feelings depending on what side of the divide you fall. While many believe it is the best thing to happen to the country, some others see it as a form of government whereby the political elites use power to arrogate favours to themselves. Having gone to the polls six times since the fourth republic, we gradually seem to be getting better or at least more involved, the youths are now showing interest in the process as well as in active participation in form of contesting for positions. The dawn of our democracy was at about the same time as the birth of social media; social media is the democratization of information--where news is broken to millions by...read more
14 JuneKidnapping: Don't be a victim
15th June 2019 Even before the Chibok School kidnap, kidnapping has been a pastime of the Niger Delta militants, they were able to successfully made it both a weapon of fear and a source of fund. Fast forward to 2019, the North-West and the South-West regions of Nigeria have been turned to a theatre of daring kidnappings of high-profile and random individuals. So much that every individual who moves around lives in a healthy and concrete fear of being kidnapped; but fears alone are not enough, we need to learn to avoid being kidnapped where possible. Here are some tips.   1.      Dress down. Avoid dressing flamboyantly or attracting attention to yourself when travelling, this is to prevent being targeted for a large reward by the abductors...read more
29 MarchCSR Workshop
Preparation meets Opportunity: A Window To Excel.  Are you an unemployed/underemployed Millennial below 30years of age?. Are you a NYSC member with less than 6-months to complete your program?   .  Are you a graduate of any discipline/education background with a minimum of 2:2 (Second class lower grade)?.  Are you interested in enhancing your career path and development? This is your chance to take the first step towards building a sustainable and incredible career route. The workshop tagged " Preparation Meets Opportunity: A Window To Excel, is part of AIICO Pension Manager s value adding commitment to consistently empower youths by helping them build career related skills, expand their knowledge base, and improve their brand eq...read more
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